About Sandra Kay

Artist Statement

In an early art class, I had a revelation that making art can be something beyond simply imitating what you see. This led me to the great satisfaction and enjoyment of painting abstract canvases. I begin with a color inspiration. Then I allow myself to change the work as it progresses, to add layers and textures and rework it until I am satisfied. Color combinations, movement and dramatic gestures stimulate me. I often paint with a palette knife because the outcome is unpredictable. Sometimes I paint on the ground because it frees me up to paint with looseness and spontaneity. I’m also inspired by the place I live, an open expanse of land in rural Oregon.

I want my work to express my vision as an individual, and I strive to never paint the same thing twice. My painting practice is about giving myself permission – permission to not think, and to not be constrained by rules and “shoulds”. When I accomplish this, I make a work of art and not just a painting.


Sandra Kay is an Oregon-based abstract painter. Having studied various types of art throughout her life, she began painting in her signature non-representational style over the past decade. She explores bold color combinations in her works of acrylic on canvas, experimenting with mixed-media textures.  Her work is exhibited in Oregon, Washington and California. Sandra Kay raised three children and lives with her husband on a 16-acre Christmas tree farm.